Born in the heart of Texas and raised in two small towns there, my childhood would be care-free and countrified. The place I call my hometown was the place I spent only the first decade of my existence. I am still drawn back at times for a fresh kolache and some ring bologna, and, for the pure nostalgia of the place. I moved in the spring of my fifth grade year to a town with only one paved road, and a population of around a thousand people, which included no Catholics or black folk. I graduated from there and returned to the city of my birth to attend Baylor University in the mid-sixties.

The next quarter of a century I continued formal education periodically amidst my vocation of Christian ministry.  I served in the pastorate of various Protestant denominations as I journeyed back to the historic expressions of the Christian Faith.  Born and raised Southern Baptist, I was ordained to the pastoral ministry in April, 1973.  While continuing to pastor Baptist churches, I moved to Denver, Colorado, and completed a M.A. in Biblical Studies at Denver Seminary in 1984.  I spent in next 26 years in the Houston area, eventually becoming an Episcopal priest for almost nine of those years.

By 1998 I had read myself into the Roman Catholic Church.  I had also met and spent many hours with my good friend and priest, Father G.  Although my vocation still involved the teaching ministry, it shifted to the government arena as a public school teacher.  In December, 2008, I took a second M.A. (this time in History) from Sam Houston State University.  For the last ten years I have been a secondary Social Studies teacher.  Additionally, I was an adjunct professor in History at Houston Community College System for at least half of this time. 

Currently, I am living in a county seat in north Texas (pop. 40,000+) with my lovely and talented wife, a college-bound daughter, four Chihuahuas, and Callie the cat.  Life is busy, but we manage to have an active church life amidst a heavy work schedule. My spare time is spent reading, researching my ancestry, and writing articles for these two web sites and other historical organizations.  Occasionally, we watch movies (while eating popcorn and M&M's)!